What Should Rick Warren Do About the Rape for Minerals War in the Democratic Republic of Congo and His Partnership with Paul Kagame?

We call on Rick Warren and Saddleback Church to stop stonewalling to cover up their involvement in the rape for minerals war and subsequent disunity between the Rwandan and Congolese churches.

We call on Rick Warren to openly tell Paul Kagame to not alter the constitution of Rwanda to remove term limits so he can run for a third term.  Rick Warren should pressure Kagame to honor his original statements in favor of the democratic process.  Rwandans are submitting petitions by the millions to ask for a constitutional change and it looks as though they want Paul Kagame.  However, the political environment in Rwanda demands total allegiance to the Kagame regime.  Those who refuse to sign would face retribution by Kagame’s henchmen which could include torture and disappearance.

We call on Rick Warren and Saddleback to set up a truth and reconciliation committee and invite all sides to the table for open and honest discussion of these issues to seek true reconciliation.

We call on Rick Warren to tell the truth about what is happening in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the role Paul Kagame has played in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in Rwanda and the DRC.

We call on Rick Warren and the missions staff of Saddleback to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to hear directly from pastors in the DRC who have lost family and church members due to the invasions and incursions by Rwanda into the DRC.

We call on Rick Warren to speak up for war crimes prosecution for all parties involved in the killing of innocents in the DRC, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.

We call on Rick Warren to seek a Christian neutral third party peace making ministry, such as Pace e Bene, to help Saddleback develop a reconcilation program for Congolese and Rwandan churches to truly heal this festering wound dividing the Body of Christ.

We call on Rick Warren to disentangle Saddleback’s PEACE program and missions efforts from collusion with dictators in Africa.

We call on Saddleback and Rick Warren to demonstrate and teach by example, the importance of the Church lifting a prophetic voice whenever and wherever we encounter injustice and oppression.