Take Action

If you are a member of Saddleback Church the best thing you can do is go through this site and become knowledgeable about the issues.  Then make an appointment with your pastor to discuss what you have learned.

If your pastor won’t listen to you, ask a friend or two to also read this site then join you to get another appointment with your pastor.

These are the steps Jesus tells us to take in Matthew 18 to deal with any issue in church that might involve a brother or sister caught up in something unhelpful to their spiritual health and health of the church.

If you are not getting anywhere with these two steps, go to step three and “tell it to the church.”  This means you ask for a town hall style meeting to try to work out what to do.

If you are not a member of Saddleback or are not getting any attention with the steps outlined above we suggest you withhold your tithe, then send a letter to Saddleback explaining your concerns.


We are encouraging those who wish to protest to make a donation of $00.02 to Saddleback sent with a letter.  This sharing of your “two cents” will put you on the mailing list and register your complaint with the leadership. Each time you receive a mailing respond with a letter and two more cents about your concern for the Congolese people and the role of Saddleback in the Rwanda-DRC conflict.

Of course you can share this site and talk about the issue with your friends, family, and your social media community.  If you know a friend of a friend of the Warrens perhaps you can talk to them.

There is much you can do, but the absolute best thing to do is join us as we pray and fast for God’s will to be done in this situation.  We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper, God cares about our brothers and sisters suffering in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.  God’s will is for Shalom.  When we work and pray for Sholom-making God is with us!