Contact Saddleback Members Personally and Ask For Their Friendship and Response

These are public email addresses of Saddleback’s staff and volunteers found on Saddleback’s website.

We encourage anyone who is a member of Saddleback to make appointments to speak directly to your pastors rather than email your concerns to them.

Anyone not with Saddleback, please politely encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ at Saddleback by email to enter a peacemaking dialogue with you.  Offer your help to educate them about Rick Warren and Saddleback’s involvement in the rape for minerals war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the rift they are perpetuating between the Congolese and Rwandan churches.

Please treat each of these brothers and sisters with grace and respect as you introduce yourself and the issues you want them to be aware of and take action on.   It is often hard to hear the tone of voice when reading an email so careful writing is essential for opening channels of communication.  Check your email with a friend or spouse to see how your writing sounds to them before hitting send.

Remember,  the best way to overcome evil is with LOVE.  Express your self in LOVE with the goal of bringing John 17  world-winning UNITY through Matthew 18 restorative TRUTH telling and Matthew 5 urgent RECONCILIATION.   These are the means to the end that God will bless.  Anger, blame, self-righteous indignation, and judgement will not end this conflict.

Please make sure you are in the right state of heart before writing and asking others to join you in writing.   We encourage groups of friends to pray for each other and Saddleback as you make contact with your Saddleback brothers and sisters.  Put yourself in their shoes of loving their pastor and believing they are doing very good work in Rwanda.  This information can be shocking even without such deep devotion to the story they have believed and those who told it to them.

If you need help understanding the peacemaking process visit our friends at Peacemaker Ministries.  They have prepared excellent biblical conflict resolution “Foundational Principals” guides for peacemaking Christians.

Remember stonewalling is a non-Christ like passive aggressive response that thwarts the peacemaking reconciliation process.  Be prepared for defensive and passive aggressive responses.  Do not respond in kind, respond with love and grace. Do not give up because you do not hear back or get excuses.  Just write another Saddleback brother and sister on the list and keep praying you find a someone with an open heart to listen.

May God bless you as you work to bring PEACE.
Thank you for your efforts.

Rick Warren

Bob Bradberry – Missions Pastor over Rwanda PEACE Plan

Other Saddleback Staff and Volunteers


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