Saddleback Can We Talk?


“You and I must choose to be disturbed, God puts horrific and startling images in front of us daily through the newspaper, the television, and eyewitness accounts. You can do what I did for years – choose to ignore it all – or you can become disturbed, seriously, dangerously disturbed, so disturbed that you are compelled to do something.” – Kay Warren

Saddleback Church members, we are so glad that you came to this site, because we really want to talk to you as brothers and sisters in Christ.  In John 17,  we find Jesus’ longest and most passionate prayer for us.  Our Lord asks us to work together to show the entire world the love of Jesus.  We all want that, right?

There is one problem.  We can’t all sit down at the Lord’s table and fulfill his prayer for unity if we are hurting each other.

Well, Saddleback, we love you, and we are very sad to tell you, your church is deeply hurting the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Pastors and churches, Christians of all shapes and sizes, are being killed because of something your church is doing, and the sad part is that you don’t know it is happening.  You mean well, but not understanding the culture and politics of Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo has led your church to do things we know you don’t mean to do.  We all want our brothers and sisters everywhere in the world to know we care and love them right?

6,000,000 Congolese have died since 1996 in a war over minerals that gets very little attention in America.  Saddleback is publicly and materially supporting men who are causing and exacerbating this conflict.  While meaning to do good, your good intentions are being used to hurt your own brothers and sisters in Christ.

We know it is hard to believe and we know you love your church and Pastor Rick Warren.  That is why we need your attention and your willingness to look at the sobering evidence.  Perhaps you can help turn the hearts and minds of your leaders to help with this situation, and God will be glorified in that change of heart.

For the last three years we have reached out to Pastor Rick Warren and your missions pastor, Bob Bradberry, and they haven’t heard us.  They are good men, who we believe would want to do what is right IF they understood what they are supporting and were willing to admit to and address the implications of their mistake.  According to Matthew 18, we are now taking this concern to you, the members of Saddleback Church, to see if you can help your pastors make Saddleback a greater force for good in Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo.

This site has been put up just to reach out to you as fellow Christians and ask “can we talk?”  Can you hear what we are telling you here on this site?  Can you read the articles and watch the videos posted here and respond in a Jesus-like way to the suffering of your Congolese brothers and sisters we have documented?   We hope you can.  A lot of wonderful men, women, and children in The Democratic Republic of Congo are depending on you.

In Christ’s love and with hope for future unity,

All of US, your brothers and sisters in Christ, at “Saddleback, Can We Talk?”